Merino magic

Merino magic

Noir's stylish base layer is made from the softest most luxurious fine gauge Merino wool and, at this time of the year, is the perfect foundation layer to slay the slopes and smash the après. We love seeing them out and about so please send us your photos on and off the slopes. Here’s one of our favourites showing good conditions just above Courchevel last week.

We’re curious and need your help

We are trying to establish how many days your Noir top can
be worn without washing. It’s not an opportunity to name and shame slovenly cleaning practices, we’re just curious and wish to back up anecdotal evidence with more of a robust scientific analysis.

Word from the slopes is that two of our customers (who shall
remain nameless) have worn their Noirs for 9 continuous days skiing and still smell as fresh as a daisy. No one was more surprised than we were. We’d definitely underestimated this particular sustainability angle. We knew you could wear
them and exercise in them, again and again, without the need for washing them. Because we had. But for 9 days? Impressive! We’d love to hear what your experience has been and whether you’ve truly challenged their ability to perform on this front too.  

Why Merino wool clothes require less frequent washing

Merino wool is often praised for its unique properties that make it require less frequent washing compared to other types of wool or synthetic fibres. Several factors contribute to this characteristic:

1. Natural odour resistance: Merino wool has natural antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria. This helps in preventing the development of unpleasant smells, even after extended wear. As a result, Merino wool garments tend to stay fresher for longer periods, reducing the need for frequent washing.
2. Moisture management: Merino wool fibres can absorb and release moisture, allowing them to wick away sweat from the body. This helps in maintaining a drier, more comfortable environment, which is less conducive to the growth of odour-causing bacteria. The moisture-wicking property also contributes to the garment's quick drying after being exposed to moisture.
3. Temperature regulation: Merino wool has excellent insulating properties that help regulate body temperature. It can keep you warm in colder conditions and cool in warmer conditions. This ability to regulate temperature can reduce the amount of sweat produced during various activities, further contributing to the garment staying fresher for longer.
4. Natural oils: Merino wool contains lanolin, a natural oil that provides some level of water and stain resistance. This can help repel dirt and liquids, keeping the garment cleaner and reducing the need for frequent washing.
5. Durability: Merino wool fibres are finer and more flexible than traditional wool fibres, making them less prone to piling and abrasion. The durability of the fabric allows it to withstand more wear before showing signs of deterioration, decreasing the necessity for frequent washing.

Despite these advantages, it’s important to note that Merino
wool garments still require care and attention. While they can be worn for longer periods between washes compared to some other fabrics, your base layer will eventually need laundering. When washing your Merino wool top, please follow the care instructions on Noir’s website, washing on a gentle 30C wool
cycle with a mild wool detergent and air-drying to maintain the fabric’s properties.

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