Noir Velocity was founded by two great friends. Friends who share a passion for active sports and the great outdoors whilst juggling busy city based professional lives.

Temporarily escaping the pandemic by going on bike rides together, they bemoaned the new lockdown uniform of leggings and leisurewear, planting the seed for a new genre of clothing which they call "Performance Lifewear".

Performance Lifewear is unisex chic, eco elegance clothing that combines functionality and comfort for an active lifestyle while maintaining a stylish and gender-neutral aesthetic. It emphasizes high performance, versatility, and eco-friendly materials, creating an image of fashion-forward, sustainable clothing suitable for various activities and settings.

Our mission is to encourage considered intentional purchases, timeless classics that last many seasons, that make people feel good and they love wearing.  We began our sustainability journey, starting with one of the best and most sustainable materials, wool, to create something useful, beautiful and a bit better, utilising the latest technology, to reduce waste, whilst using up left over dead stock yarn.