NOIR small steps towards sustainability

NOIR small steps towards sustainability

'The most important thing is to begin the journey, no matter how small the first steps may seem. Once an intention and commitment have been set, the forward momentum will lead to ongoing transformation.' Amber Olson Testino

We are trying to do our best, source locally where we can, reduce waste, pay a fair price: start as we mean to go on.

Small steps at first - less clothes washing, durable, practical clothes so we buy less and wear what we have for longer. But we are pushing towards circularity and sustainability - all our 'materials and products are designed to increase use and reuse, encouraging you to have many years of purposeful use from them.'

The Second Skin Merino Shirt
Comfortable and versatile, worn on its own or as a foundation base layer. Merino wool (94%), with a bit of polyester (6%), making the garment more durable and therefore longer lasting. Merino wool is moisture-wicking and temperature regulating, absorbing moisture whilst staying dry. It's also odour resistant, so you don't have to wash it after every wear, making it better for the environment. Our second skins are made in the UK, from the finest Italian yarns,  using innovative Shima Seiki technology, resulting in zero waste. We are working towards only made to order but we need to get our minimum orders up so that it makes good economic sense for our suppliers too.

The Universal Trouser
Feature rich for functional purpose
Innovative technical performance fabric in a sleek tailored form. Four pockets specifically designed to safely store phones, wallets, keys, masks and anything else you might want to keep close to you. 90% recycled materials (65% polyamide and 25% coolmax), keeping you dry and comfortable, plus a little bit of lycra (10%), for stretch. Stacked with relevant features - each one thought through by users, constantly trying to simplify and pare down what we make. Circular economy - we started with the wheel of a bike. We are trying to make the world a better place by simplifying everybody's lives and encouraging people to be less inhibited and with less barriers so they can do stuff that makes them feel good.

We are focussing on these UN sustainable development goals:


We are always exploring new materials and products. Message us with what product you would like to see us develop next. Or just to say hello.

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