Two trends for 2024 and avoiding shrinkflation

Two trends for 2024 and avoiding shrinkflation

Our aim has always been to create wardrobe investment pieces that stand the test of time aesthetically and functionally. Logo less lux is a trend for 2024 and ties in with the feedback we’ve recently been receiving from some of our customers. We want you to get even more wear out of your garment and that is why we’ll be removing the white Noir logo from future base layer batches we produce. The lack of a prominent logo helps elevate a Noir top from sports to work wear and lots of you are wearing them to work.

Another trend for 2024

Is ‘quiet outdoors’ the new ‘quiet luxury’? This is a question posed by Business of Fashion in its The State of Fashion 2024 report, as brands scramble to create luxury staples which benefit from the latest fabrics and technology. So where is Noir on this? Bex, the creative one in the team and the trend watcher (amongst other things), confirms it's what we are already trying to do. Noir strives to make simple, versatile performance clothing using the best fabrics and latest technology, clothes that you’ll want to wear every day and for many years.

How to avoid shrinkflation

Whilst we are collectively resetting and resolving
to do less of some things and more of others in the New Year, we wanted to share our tips for getting the best out of your merino wool clothes.

Whilst Lila loves her new top, when the time comes to wash it and to avoid shrinkflation, Lisa always uses her washing machine's 'Wool wash at 30°C' (she's had no shrinkages from the many washes she's done). However not every washing machine is the same, so we recommend lowering your wool wash manually to 20°C, to be on the safe side (and following our other tips below) with the caveat that washing machines differ by make and model. This washing cycle ensures less mechanical treatment. Reduce the quantity of laundry in the washing machine too. The drum should be no more than one-third full. To dry your top, lay it flat. Place it on a towel and gently unfurl it into shape, removing folds gently by hand. She hangs her base layers or drapes them on an airer next to the heated towel rail in the bathroom and has never had any problems. The good news is they dry very quickly, generally overnight. If you want to iron them (Lisa irons the samples before photo shoots), iron on a low heat. Alternatively you can of course hand wash them, again at no higher than 30°C, using one of the gentle detergents listed below (which all work in the washing machine too). Noir’s tops should not shrink if you follow these instructions. We want you to get many years of happy use out of your Noir and for you to feel the same luxurious softness and fabulous fit on every wear. Please remember that each of Noir's tops has been washed, ironed and checked for shrinkage and any other defects before leaving the factory.

Recommended detergents

When washing merino wool jumpers, either by hand or in the washing machine, it’s crucial to use a gentle detergent to preserve the delicate fibres of the wool. Some popular and recommended options in the UK include:

1 Eucalan Delicate Wash - suitable for washing wool and other delicate fabrics. It comes in various scents, such as eucalyptus and lavender.

2 Soak Wash - it is also avilable in different scents and is known for effectively cleaning without harsh chemicals.

3 Woolite Delicates - Lisa's favourite, which is widely available in stores such as Sainsbury's, and specifically designed for washing delicate fabrics.

4 The Laundress Wool and Cashmere Shampoo - offers a specialized Wool and Cashmere Shampoo that has been formulated to clean and preserve the natural fibres of wool.

5 Granger's Merino Wool Wash - it helps retain the natural properties of the wool while removing dirt and odours.

Finally a photo of Noir spotted out and about over the festive season (Annamarie, second from left, at the back, wearing Noir's Aqua with grey accents).

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