What we've been working on ...

What we've been working on ...


Rana Foroohar's recent article* about the trend to deglobalize was an interesting read, about it becoming "... more economical to manufacture for local markets rather than toting stuff to the US or Europe through the South China Sea." Why not look to buffer supply-chain disruptions, cut transport costs and reduce geopolitical risk? The growth of 3D printing resulting in new ways of manufacturing locally is something that Noir is a big fan of. Our Foundation Base Layer is the result of working with an innovative garment manufacturer using 3D technology here in the British Isles, ensuring zero waste and reduced transport miles. Tesla shows how a commitment to sourcing and innovating as much as it can locally is not just the preserve of small artisanal independents. 

The 15-minute city
Another trend we believe in is the 15-minute city local production network, so much so that we are trialling it for our next new product. Originally developed by Professor Carlos Moreno during the COP21 summit and adopted by Anne Hidalgo in Paris, the 15-minute city concept is being implemented in Paris and other major cities to reduce car traffic and the CO2 emissions and improve the health and well-being of residents, to optimise sustainable urban living. In this new urban model cities and neighbourhoods allow residents to access their daily needs (housing, work, food, health, education, culture and leisure) within a short walk or bike ride.

As the nights draw in and the weather turns colder, we've been playing around sampling a new product, to keep you cosy (and avoid putting the central heating on). It's a packable, light (and most importantly) supremely warm layer that you can throw on and off with ease. We've found it really comes into its own when you're working at your computer, on a long drive in the car and when heading outdoors to meet friends at a restaurant or bar. It's super stylish and goes with everything. "It looks like it's giving you a cuddle" the lady at the till in a local supermarket said on its first trip out. So we've decided to do a limited edition run to spread a bit of warmth and love in the run up to Christmas. It’s being made 5 miles away as we try hard to build local production networks in our city. We love it and hope you do too.



You asked we listened
The taller amongst you asked if we could make a longer length base layer. A small run is currently in production and will be with us by 15th December
, in time for the last guaranteed Christmas posting date of 19th December. It’ll be called the XLL size and will be an extra 2 inches long in the front and back (perfect on Uncle Ed who is 6ft 3inches tall). There aren’t many so please let us know if you’d like to pre order one for your taller loved one this Christmas. Remember you can always pop round for some personal shopping or to check sizing. Here’s a glimpse inside an ad hoc changing room on the way to play Padel.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 

Lisa & Bex 

* “My guide to a deglobalizing world” by Rana Foroohar in The Financial Times’ Life & Arts on 23rd October 2022 

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