What's next ...

What's next ...


We aim to make contemporary clothing with functional purpose, as sustainably as possible. Our garments are durable enough to weather the hardiest of commutes and equally smart enough to transition into work wear, social wear and comfortable “chill at home” wear. But not only do we want functional products, for our Universal Trousers we are developing, we also want added special features such as water resistance, breathability, ease of washing … and plenty of pockets … making them a multi seasonal investment staple for the long haul. These have been a long time in the making … because it is so darn difficult to get them right! Let us know what features are important to you so we can develop a hero product.



Here’s Bex looking at leathers this week at her equivalent of a sweet shop, picking out her favourite colours because we are looking at designing a smart work bag that you can also wear on your back and cycle in. Which led us into learning about the European tannery industry, how attached it is to its roots and land, the way it is strictly audited to high international recognised standards distilling generations of know how into state-of-the-art facilities that augment and sympathetically modernise the historic towns they have grown up around. These skills, acquired over hundreds of years, come at a price – quality costs. Is it a price we are prepared to pay to preserve these ancient industries on our doorstep?



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