Luxuriance of natural fibres

Why we started with a Merino wool base layer as our foundation product

Foundation by name, Foundation by nature - everyone loves and needs a base layer as a wardrobe staple, whether out in the elements or simply relaxing at home...

From its moisture-wicking and antibacterial properties to its breathability, softness and sustainable warmth, Merino wool has long been lauded as a wonderful, natural fibre with unparalleled temperature controlling performance. Our Merino wool is spun in an old mill in Italy. The fibres used in the production of the yarns are traceable, OEKO-TEX®, FSC®, GOTS and GRS certified, and manufactured with low environmental impact. The yarn is then knitted into base layers in the British Isles using innovative 3D ShimaSeiki knitting machines.

Because it doesn’t absorb odour, the need for regular washing is far less than equivalent synthetic materials. We’ve actually been carrying out our own research here in London on just how long it can be worn without washing. But more on that later.