Whether we are reducing our carbon footprint, sourcing more sustainable fabrics and ways of making, or creating new products we'll share it here.

We love to explore innovative materials and production methods to create clothing that aligns with our values, prioritising sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices. 

We started by redesigning the base layer, using the latest Japanese Shima Seiki technology and pairing it with the finest gauge Merino wool to give the softest most comfortable versatile top. Merino wool doesn't need washing so regularly, resulting in less water and energy being used. We've partnered with a cutting edge factory here in the UK predominantly staffed by women who are all paid a fair wage.

We discovered our knitting manufacturer had a cupboard full of unused yarn leftover from previous orders. We therefore decided to incorporate some of these into the neck and cuff highlight colours in our new Autumn range, due to arrive in October.

When our knitting partners showed us a new yarn from the Italian mill, made from a mix of organic cotton and milk by-product that would otherwise go to waste, we had to try it. Bex’s 30 years of experience working at the forefront of design in skincare and cosmetics, immediately made her think of vintage compacts and fashion accessories that were made from the same material, known as Caesin, or Galalith over 100 years ago.

The yarn we have been exploring has a wonderful cool to the touch feel, much like the casein products of old. We challenged ourselves: Could we use this specific yarn to create a sporty, 30s style dress that could segue between sports activity and casual social day wear? Fast forward 6 months and various samples later and the Noir sports dress was born, once again using Shima Seiki whole garment knitting machines to give a seamless sculpted fit, with zero waste.