Whether we're reducing our carbon footprint, sourcing more sustainable fabrics and ways of making, or creating new products, we'll share it here.

We love to explore innovative materials and production methods to create clothing that aligns with our values, prioritising sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices. 

We started by redesigning the base layer, using the latest Japanese Shima Seiki technology and pairing it with the finest gauge Merino wool to give the softest, most comfortable, versatile top. This futuristic manufacturing process results in minimal material waste in production and ensures a perfect, seamless on-body feel with optimal freedom of movement. 

Merino wool doesn't need washing so regularly, resulting in less water and energy being used. We produce in limited edition batches within the British Isles, partnering with a cutting edge factory, predominantly staffed by women, who are all paid a fair wage.

We discovered our knitting manufacturer had a cupboard full of unused yarn left over from previous orders. We therefore decided to incorporate some of this dead stock Italian yarn as our accent colour details in our latest range, as part of our sustainability "reuse" commitment.